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Please ensure, before you jump into the sample code, that you are familiar with the model driven development process in general. You will find further information about that on the following sides:

Download JEAF Generator Sample Project


Structure of the example project

As you can see in our Modelling Guidelines JEAF Generator is able to generate lots of different types of code based on the UML model. To ensure a better overview in the example project we created an independent Maven sub module for every content type that will be generated.

Maven Project


Git Repository Link


Top level project of sample.


Project contains the UML model of the sample project as well as the appropriate XMI export and an HTML export of the model.

Sub module that make use of JEAF Generator reference the packaged UML model via Maven dependency. Define XMI as Input for JEAF Generator



Project contains the service objects that are generated from the UML model

Generating Code for Services


Project contains the service interfaces of the generated services of the sample project.

Generating Code for Services


Project contains the generated runtime classes for services that are required by JEAF

Generating Code for Services


Project contains the generated REST facade for services

Generating Code for Services


Project contains the generated stubs for service implementations.

Generating Code for Components


Project contains the generated runtime classes for components.

Generating Code for Components


Project contains the generated persistent classes.

Generating Code for Persistence


Project contains the generated domain objects.

Generating Code for Domain Objects


Project contains the generated POJOs.

Generating Code for POJOs


Project contains generated Object Mappers.

Generating Code for Object Mappings


Project contains the generated interfaces for activities.

Generating Code for Activities


Project contains the generated stubs for activities.

Generating Code for Activities


Project contains the generated interface for service providers.

Generating Code for Service Providers


Project contains the generated stubs for service provider implementations.

Generating Code for Service Providers


Project contains the generated stubs to test services.

Generating Code for Services


In general the configuration of the sample project is a very good baseline to setup your projects.

However in case of the sample project all output will be written to src-gen / res-gen. This will ensure that also code / resources that actually are only generated once are always up-to-date. However in real life this is not a good setup as manual code will be overwritten every time JEAF Generator will be executed (wink)