JEAF Maven Plugins

When working with JEAF then the following Maven Plugin are important to know and use


  • Maven Build Helper Plugin
    When working with JEAF and JEAF Generator the standard Maven directory layout is not sufficient any longer as we have to distinguish between hand-written and generated code (Directory Layout for generated output ). This also requires that the additional locations of source code and resources are know to the build process in general. To do so we make use of Maven Build Helper Plugin.

    For further details please refer to Maven Build Helper Plugin

  • JEAF Maven Plugin
    JEAF is configured using annotations. In order to ensure fast startup times JEAF Maven Plugin scans the class path of an application an created some additional configuration files that speed up startup times.

    For further details please refer to: JEAF Maven Plugin

  • JEAF Generator
    JEAF Generator can be used for code generation based on UML models. In addition JEAF Generator also is used to generate so called message constants which are part of JEAF’s Mechanism for Internationalization.

    For further information please refer to: JEAF Generator Maven Plugin