Welcome to JEAF

What is JEAF?

  • JEAF is a set of frameworks, libraries and tools that support development of Java-based lightweight, cloud-native enterprise applications

  • JEAF also introduces model-driven approaches to increase development efficiency

  • JEAF unburdens developers from writing boring boiler blade code and instead let's them concentrate on providing enterprise class business solutions

  • JEAF is optimized to provide lightning fast startup times in combination with low garbage and high throughput


  • Unified service oriented programming model for Cloud, JSE and JEE

    • Run your services without any changes in any environment you like ("write once run anywhere"). JEAF Core provides a unified service oriented programming model and runtime environment for your services. Using simple configurations you can switch between Cloud, JSE and JEE.

    • Transparent communication between services no matter where they are

    • Transparent declarative transaction handling

    • Open and flexible security model

    • Dependency and Configuration injection

  • High efficiency for teams

    • JEAF Generator boosts your software development efficiency and time-to-market by making use of model-driven software development. Bye bye handwritten boiler blade code.

  • Ready-to-Use

What Developers will like!

  • Simplified software development

    • Code generation from UML Model with JEAF Generator instead of monotonous work

    • Usage of open standards whenever possible to prevent / reduce "framework locking" wherever possible

    • “Keep it simple” as major design principle

    • Minimalistic configurations through annotations instead of huge XML files

  • User-friendly API

    • Semantic Versioning for whole API

    • Long-term-support for releases

    • Modular design of framework allows usage of only those parts that are really needed

    • Minimalistic dependencies on other artifacts to avoid dependency hell

  • Separation between technical and business related code

    • Let developers focus on developing new cool business features instead of troubles with technologies

  • Robustness, efficiency and performance for business critical solutions that face high pressure 24x7

    • Ultra-fast startup-times

    • JEAF is designed to handle maximum loads and thousands of parallel requests per second

    • Ensure testability on all levels of development


What to do next?

JEAF Developer Guide

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UML Modelling Guide

Check out our UML Modelling Guide and find out how much you can benefit from high quality UML models in combination with JEAF and JEAF Generator


Log4J Security Vulnerability

All JEAF artifacts that were affected by Log4J2 security issues were upgraded to latest Log4J version to solve security issues CVE-2021-44228, CVE-2021-45105 and CVE-2021-44832.

A list of all JEAF version that are considered to be secure again can be found here: https://anaptecs.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/JEAF/pages/1172963363