JEAF provides a large set of cross-functions (X-Fun) that are required to build enterprise applications.

Further details will be explained in the sections below:

JEAF X-Fun Sample Project

Instead of only reading the docs, it may also be an option for you to checkout the JEAF X-Fun Sample project. There you will receive a ready to run sample of JEAF X-Fun. All code that you will see here is also part of the sample and can be download from the following locations:


Latest Version

Overview about latest released versions can be found here:



Maven Repo

Git Repo


  • AppInfo

  • ConfigurationProviderConfig

  • DatatypeConverterImpl

  • MessageResource

  • RuntimeInfo

  • StartupInfoConfig

  • StartupInfoWriterImpl

  • TraceConfig

  • TraceObjectFormatter


  • LocaleProviders

  • Types

Configuration Providers

Application Info Providers

Datatype Converters

XFun as Entry Point

How to configure JEAF?